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Brooklyn Expo Center

For its latest exhibition, Sex Expo New York 2020 arrives to New York City’s bustling, boisterous and beautiful Brooklyn. Known as the birthplace of 21st century hipsters, Brooklyn is more than just a gathering hub for man buns and flannel — it boasts a potpourri of cultures that helped develop New York City into the melting pot it is today. Whether it is the scent of Coney Island hot dogs acting as an invitation for nostalgia or the temptation of nurturing one’s mind at the Brooklyn Museum, the city is home to a diverse selection of culture, music and nightlife.

Sex Expo N.Y. 2020 will be held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, which is situated in the historical neighborhood of Greenpoint that is emerging as a thriving frontier for Brooklyn’s ever-developing culture. The property includes an impressive 28,000 total square feet of exhibition space, an expansive glass exterior, a large open floor plan and floor to ceiling windows.

The Brooklyn Expo Center handles large-scale productions of public events, private events, conferences, company meetings, conventions, product launches, receptions and multimedia events.

With a sleek exterior and floor to ceiling windows, the Brooklyn Expo Center is a distinctive physical structure with excellent access to New York City and multiple methods of transportation — including both NYC Airports. It is an ideal location for Sex Expo N.Y.’s refreshing, dynamic show format.

72 Noble St.
Brooklyn, NY. 11222

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