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Be part of Sexual Health Expo, a groundbreaking event that puts a stylish touch on sex-ed. Anchored by workshops hosted by the nation's top "sexperts" and exhibition halls featuring cutting-edge products, SHE offers the ultimate opportunity to provide audiences insight into the growing realm of sexual wellness.

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Black Dommes, Live Tech, Stormy's Puppy: Highlights From Sex Expo 2019

The Sexual Health Expo, a.k.a. Sex Expo New York, returned this weekend for two days of high-energy events, consumer sales, demos, and plenty of industry mingling at Brooklyn Convention Center.

On Saturday, the event drew large and refreshingly diverse crowds to this bustling corner of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where attendees browsed for adult products, services, and the latest sex tech in between on-site workshops, DJ-ed hits, and a steady stream of giveaways on the packed expo floor.

As with any expo, it's virtually impossible to see everything the event has to offer in just one afternoon, even for a keen Brooklyn-based freelancer. But like other attendees, I left Sex Expo 2019 with a big smile on my face, and the event definitely made an impression.

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Ask Men

Here’s What We Learned at the Brooklyn Sex Expo

Tucked away in an unassuming glass building deep in Greenpoint, the Brooklyn Sex Expo is a place for other like-minded sex positive people to congregate. And while other conventions revolve around beer, comic books or horror movies, attendees here are perusing every sex toy imaginable, looking for ways to better their sex life. Even for a jaded sex and dating columist, it’s a bit startling.

What’s immediately apparent is just how much this feels like a typical convention. If you ignore the dildos and restraints on your periphery, you’ll just see throngs of people trying to squeeze by each other, or line up to see something at a nearby booth. If you were expecting this to feel like a warehouse on the cusp of an orgy, you’ll be sorely mistaken.

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The shocking sex fantasy Americans have

When it comes to sex, Americans want to be shocked.

A new survey from the Sex Expo asked 500 people over 18 about their kinks and fantasies. Turns out, 26 percent of respondents said they’d like to try electronic stimulation, or toys that deliver electrical shocks.

“The response to the electronic simulation is interesting because that is one that has had a very new upward trend,” Dr. Ayesha Hussain, a sex health expert and speaker at the expo, told The Post.

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Top 5 Sexual Fetishes & Kinks, According To A New Survey

When it comes to sexual fetishes and kinks, it's not totally fair to say one fantasy is more "normal" than another. As long as all those who are participating are consenting adults, then what you do to get off is your business. But of course, a lot of us are curious about other people's sex lives, and it's always interesting to know what the most popular sexual fetishes and kinks are — and what people really want to try in bed.

To find out what the most popular kinks are, The Sex Expo, a sexual wellness event in Brooklyn on September 22 and 23, teamed up with third party pollster, CheckMarket, to survey over 400 people (54 percent identified as female, 45 percent identified as male, and one percent identified as gender non-binary) mostly in their 20s and 30s, about their sexual fetishes and kinks.

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I Went to A Class About How to Have A Threesome And Here's What I Learned

Like literally most sex things, threesomes are something that are hot and steamy in your ~raunchy fantasies~, but have the potential to look and feel extremely awkward IRL. Whether you've had 18 threesomes or none at all (yet), things can get weird when there's more than one person in the room. Which makes sense! Think about how difficult it can be to order a pizza that three opinionated people can agree on, and now consider the fact that there are far more sexual scenarios than pizza toppings in this world. A nightmare!

Fortunately, sex educator Reid Mihalko (who claims to have had so many threesomes he "stopped counting 15 years ago") stopped by the 2017 Sexual Health Expo in Brooklyn to give some advice from his storied threesome-having experiences. Dressed in a tuxedo, Mihalko delivered his best tips for actually good and successful threesomes to room overflowing with people at SHE. Here are 11 takeaways from his packed lecture.

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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Using A Sex Swing

Some forays into new sexual territory, like trying a bendy new position, require nothing more than a little courage, communication, and maybe some good lube (like NaturaLove Organic Personal Lubricant from the Women's Health Boutique). Others—like hopping into a sex swing for the first time—may feel a bit more intimidating.

Many people may not even know what a sex swing is, which is why we asked Victor Tobar, national buying and merchandising manager at The Pleasure Chest, and sex swing enthusiast, to explain. “My first experience using a sling was at a sex party at a dungeon in NYC. I was with a date who was in the sling, and I think we were both a combination of nervous about trying something new—particularly about trying something new in public—and also really excited about getting to try this new kind of bondage,” Tobar says.

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The Sex-Positive Products You Need To Know About From The NYC Sex Expo

From the eye-catching displays of new sex-positive products to the expert-led sessions geared towards de-stigmatization and education, the 2017 New York City Sex Expo's commitment to shame-free sexuality in its many forms was truly partwarming.

Few folks in the packed Brooklyn EXPO Center weren't cracking a smile of delight or indulging in an awkward laugh or two as they pored over the vibrators, dildos, erotica, lingerie, and other goodies that were piled up artfully on dozens of booths around the hall. Catering to both newbies and sexperts alike, the Sex Expo was just as welcoming to folks hankering to buy their first sex toy to use solo as it was to those looking to be amongst likeminded sex positive folks for a weekend of advanced sexploration. There was truly something for everyone. And in a time of nationwide strife where sexual assault protections are being rolled back for college students and female bodily autonomy and sexuality remains demonized by the Republican majority, an event like this was a welcome breath of fresh air.

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Acceptance, and Other Exciting Things Found at the Sexual Health Expo

A petite, braided woman is bent over in front of me, presenting her rump, and dozens of strangers are watching us. Koko, my instructor, who wears a black cheerleading outfit with the word “Daddy” across the chest, motions to me to spank the woman harder. I bend my knees and start making a waving motion, striking her with just my fingers, first with both hands and then with one hand at a time, until I end the session by softly massaging the strike zone. The crowd cheers.

Koko notes to the audience that my initial spanking awkwardness had melted away—I imagine I looked like a kid in front of a drum set for the first time until, after a while, I got the hang of it. I am not the first person to dish out some spanks at this place, nor will I be the last. Welcome to the Sexual Health Expo.

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Dr. Ruth explains why morning sex is just the best

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is, at a sprightly 88, still doling out her take on love and loving. (She tweets regularly at @AskDrRuth to her 88,400 followers.) We spoke to her recently about online dating, sexless relationships and getting frisky during the golden years.

Read on as high priestess of hanky-panky — currently in Los Angeles to speak at the Sexual Health Expo Feb. 4-5 — talks about everyone’s favorite topic.

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88-Year-Old Sexpert Dr. Ruth Reveals the Sex Myth She Wants to Bust Once and for All

Westheimer is an aggressive conversationalist, all the more so with her iconic and throaty Israelified German accent. Each of the sexpert's bold assertions is tempered by a bemused chuckle and followed by a firm albeit delightful, “Next question!” Adorable jokes pepper her advice, a method she tells me is derived from Jewish tradition; the Talmud states, “A lesson learned with humor is a lesson retained.”

In the 1980s — well before we were introduced to Sex and the City — Dr. Ruth demystified female pleasure and agency, normalized sex education and taught “safer sex” without mincing words. From Sexually Speaking on WYNY-FM to The Dr. Ruth Show on the Lifetime network to the internationally syndicated advice column “Ask Dr. Ruth,” the psychosexual therapist has piped her way into bedrooms far and wide. Today, post–50 Shades of Gray, and at 88 no less, she’s still dishing on her website, via Twitter where she has more followers than you, and through the irreverent tutelage of her whopping 41 books on sex, love and life, all while remaining a vocal advocate for sexual health research and education.

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Ten New Sex Toys to Help Her Reach Orgasm

One of the best things about having a good time in bed is that it is just so simple. You take two (or three), willing, red-blooded mates and — boom — you’re in business.

Well, kind of... Sex can be amazing. And sometimes it can be sort of ho-hum, especially for the female partner.

Which is why there's no harm — let's repeat that: no harm at all — in reaching for a little electronic assistance to take things to even greater heights from time to time. Whether she cops to it or not, your girl may already have a sex toy. And there's a reason for that: they work...really well. And they're getting better all the time.

We recently paid a visit to N.Y.’s Sexual Health Expo to assess the latest and greatest. Here, ten prime sex toys that are guaranteed to hit the spot.

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QG Visits The She Sexual Health Expo

Our Relationship Expert, Leonardo Cavalli attended the 2nd annual SHE Sexual Health Expo in New York City. The event was held at Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse for two days where there was everything from intimacy to relationships and yes – sex. Presenting an upscale x stylish take on sex-ed, the groundbreaking event presented a body-positive weekend of innovative product launches and demos, sexpert-led seminars and workshops and further frisky events embracing the needs of singles and couples alike, of all genders and sexual orientations. Firm believers in healthy sex lives for all, entry to the event was 100% free for all attendees courtesy of Registration Sponsor WeVibe.

Effectively giving your high school sex-ed class a major reboot, SHE is the first (and only) event of its kind dedicated to opening up an unfiltered conversation about sexual health and intimacy to a consumer-facing, mainstream audience. Attendees were privy to the expo’s expansive and exploratory exhibition area, where 45+ leading sexual health and wellness brands showcased innovative products enabling a better sex life for women, men and couples. Dozens of informative, entertaining and empowering seminars and workshops were also held complimentary, where top sex educators and intimacy experts dished out all of their best insight, tips and tricks to spice things up in the bedroom (or otherwise).

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Why Women Should Masturbate, and More from My Weekend Spent in Brooklyn’s Adult Playroom

I am a shamelessly sexually expressive woman who, evidently, still had a lot to learn at the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint last weekend. I ventured into an unassuming warehouse transformed into a passion playroom, which exuded sexual energy by way of sex-positive, pro-pleasure seminars, toy exhibitions and product demonstrations.

The annual event, which celebrates sexuality and choice in a society that all-too-often shames it, was crawling with keenly curious consumers of all genders, sexual identities, races, ages and erotic desires. Spending a weekend in an adult playroom was nothing short of edifying, liberating and stimulating. It was a weekend spent creating positive affirmations surrounding self-pleasure, which can and does lead to better partnered sex and thus allows healthier relationships to ensue.

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7 Innovative Sex Toys, Products, And Lessons From The Sexual Health Expo In NYC

For the second year in a row, I attended the Sexual Health Expo looking for fun new products to try out, only to be impacted far more by the funny, inclusive, sex-positive people exhibiting and presenting there. That's not to say the products aren't awesome, but unlike some events driven by the toys and the swag, this one is definitely driven by the sexperts. From sex educators to sex writers to sex toy entrepreneurs, the diverse crew of folks at SHE are fighting on the front lines to affirm sexual pleasure as a fundamental human right — and having a damn good time while doing it.

This year's New York City expo was held in a Greenpoint warehouse near the water, complete with dozens of stalls showcasing sexy wares and two areas for sexpert talks and panels. Sometimes walking past table after table of erotic contraptions can be daunting, but every booth I awkwardly stalled by was helmed by someone ready and willing to welcome me in and show me the ropes — sometimes quite literally. From games to advice to new techniques to new products, here are seven stimulating highlights from the Sexual Health Expo.

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New York Magazine

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Can Masturbation Be a Radical Act?

Chris Donaghue was working as a psychologist, and he was bored. So he switched to sex therapy — and discovered his own queer identity. Since then he’s hosted two reality shows, written two books, and had sex with people of all genders and orientations. But his most radical sexual choice? Prioritizing masturbation, he says. During a break at New York’s annual Sexual Health Expo, Dr. Chris explained how to radicalize your solo sex life, breaking free from gender binaries, and why he’s so over picking up hookups at bars. Oh, and he totally spoils the outcome of controversial gay dating show Finding Prince Charming.

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WTF Is a Full-Body Blow Job?

On Saturday, a big, empty warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, was temporarily filled very nearly to the brim with dildos, vibrators, and a bunch of other sex toys that don't really fit into categories for the Sexual Health Expo, or SHE — an annual exposition for retailers and experts in the adult industry. Whether you were in the market for a new toy or just looking to expand your sexual repertoire with advice from veritable sexperts giving seminars and presentations, SHE likely had something for you.

One of those seminars was called "Better BJs with Brandon B.," which advertised, along with satisfying alliteration, that it would help audience members "discover how to use your whole body to go the distance" when performing oral sex on a person with a penis. In case you're of the assumption that blow jobs are a sex act that involve very few, very specific body parts, Brandon's seminar was scheduled to teach you otherwise. What could a "whole body" blow job even look like? Would it be total garbage, or something actually useful? As with most seminars you pay for, it's a little bit of both.

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How To Break It To Your Partner That You Have An STD

In an age where casual sex is the norm and STDs run as rampant as reruns of “Real Housewives,” it makes total sense that they’re a huge source of anxiety for us sexually active babes.

But we don’t talk about it. Not with our friends. Not even with our sex partners who are directly affected by our STD statuses. I mean, according to our Sex ED reader survey, 28 percent of men and 26 percent of women have never even had an STD test.

We’re terrified to bring up the subject because, despite the fact that 70 percent of Americans have HPV, there is so much shame surrounding STDs. We’re paralyzed with fear that, if we even utter the word STD, we’re going to sound like disease-ridden creatures of the night.

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Why Do So Many Dudes Lie About How Much They Masturbate?

An unassuming warehouse in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint was transformed into a passion playroom this past weekend for the Sexual Health Expo (SHE), featuring sex-positive, pro-pleasure talks, demonstrations by today’s leading sexperts and sex toy exhibitions.

The annual event, which celebrates sexuality and the right to safely choose your own sexual adventures, was crawling with curious consumers of all genders, sexual identities, races and ages. I scoped around, stuck my fingers in some modern-day flesh lights, chatted with some sexperts and sat in on thought-provoking seminars entitled “Butt Sex Basics” to “The United State(s) of Masturbation.”

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5 Ways To Keep Sex In Your Long-Term Relationship Hot AF

You need to keep your sex life feeling NEW and HOT AF, regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, WHATEVER. (It’s not my business.) And I’m about to help you.

Because the more we, as a collective society, have regular, incredible, mind-blowing, spine-tingling, HOT AF sex, the brighter our increasingly dark, bitter, pent-up world will be.

To start, I, your no-holds-barred, lesbian big sister, am going to toss a real gem at you: When you’re in a relationship, the magic of new sex will eventually wear off.

I don’t care if you’re young and nubile, and I don’t care if you’re having the best sex on the planet right now. Eventually, that burning feeling of NEWNESS will taper off.

This weekend, I went to a Sexual Health Expo in a lovely warehouse in Brooklyn, where I got to speak one-on-one with sex educator icon Emily Morse, Ph.D (of the famed “Sex With Emily” podcast that I listen to religiously).

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What I Learned at New York’s Sexual Health Expo

This weekend I got the chance to go to the Sexual Health Expo NY, an expo put on by sexual health organization, SHE Media.

There were speakers and sex education workshops and all of the best up and coming sexual health products. In case you didn’t get a chance to go to this wonderful expo here are the highlights from this year:
Best New Discovery

The best new company I discovered, was completely unexpected. Tucked between copper dildos and a claw machine filled with vibrators was a small company, J Caress Studio. J Caress makes LGBTQ greeting cards, art prints, and custom portraits. The company was started by a married lesbian couple who received the same four lesbian cards from almost every guest at their wedding. Unsatisfied with the lack of choices, Caroline and Jessica Kaplan decided to create their own. My favorite of their cards is the “In Memorium” line, which depicts TV lesbian couples who have (all too frequently) been killed off (Clexa forever, amirite?).

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Something for the weekend, sir? The latest in sex tech

Today’s entrepreneurial generation might not have invented sex, but they have invented bluetooth-connected sex toys.

Robina Gibb scoured Los Angeles’s Sexual Health Expo in January, exploring some of the market’s most innovative and intimate devices, from electronic stimulators for couples to smartphone-controlled pelvic floor exercisers.

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5 Highlights From The Sexual Health Expo, Because This Is What The Future Of Sex Looks Like

An array of sex-positive, pro-pleasure talks, demonstrations and exhibitions went down at the Sexual Health Expo this past weekend, providing a welcome distraction from the House's misguided decision to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday. Held in an unassuming hotel in midtown Manhattan, SHE was a part warming reminder that there are medical professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and consumers out there who aren't clueless about nor vehemently opposed to women's sexual and reproductive health — and in fact celebrate it fiercely and openly in their day to day lives.

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Have the Best Sex of Your Life: Toys, Apps, and Tips From a Pro

This Saturday, January 17th, West Hollywood's Sofitel Hotel will be transformed into a passion playground in honor of the Sexual Health Expo (SHE), a two-day sexual wellness and intimacy product showcase. The kinky event's keynote speaker is celebrity sexologist Dr. Emily Morse, host of popular sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily, weekly guest co-host on Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and former star of Bravo reality series Miss Advised.

Since having your Best Year Ever certainly involves having a better sex life, we asked Morse to share some of her top tips and toy recs.

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5 Things I Learned at L.A.’s Upscale Sexual Health Expo

Spending almost 24 hours at L.A.’s one-of-a-kind Sexual Health Expo last weekend was a bit of what I expected: There were a ton of dildos, a ton of dildo jokes and a ton of free scented condoms. I spotted Ron Jeremy roaming the hotel lobby with a hot girl on his arm, and one creepy dude approached me to ask if I “wanted to get out of here” soon. (FYI, I politely declined and then immediately headed for the bar.)

But the inaugural SHE—which took place at the swanky Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills January 17th and 18th—was not what I expected it to be overall. The 2,000-person crowd was a mix of self-proclaimed cougars, gay couples, college students and curious singles in their twenties. The weekend’s meet-and-greet party set in modern event rooms with well-dressed men and women sipping cocktails on posh white couches helped deliver on the event’s promise to be luxurious. The “Sex and the City” themed cocktail party Saturday night overflowed with tipsy guests and sexperts.

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I Went to the Academy Awards of Sex Toys

The human being, in its evolving quest to broaden and refine the ways in which it is able to celebrate its existence, seems driven to increase the number of awards for which it is eligible every year. We are the only animal that cannot contain our need to establish ever more competitive festivals and halls of fame.

According to one list I found on Google, there were 97 separate televised award shows in 2014. These did not include the Nobel Prizes for achievement in physics, medicine, and chemistry, perhaps because no one would know what the winners were talking about. They also did not include any prestigious literary awards like the Pulitzer, the Man-Booker Prize, or the Pen awards, all of which offer the winners considerable prize money. Nor did they include the less flashy, more geeky cerebral cousin of the SAG Awards, the Writers Guild Awards. Of all the people who toil in the national entertainment factory, writers have yet to figure out how to attract a large audience eager to see which rumpled sport coat they have selected to wear with which pair of running shoes.

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Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With This Expert’s Sex Advice For Couples

With Valentine’s Day approaching and the movie debut of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” couples may be in the mood to spice up their relationship.

CBS2 spoke with expert Emily Morse for tips on how to rekindle romance.

It’s a subject that, for some, can be tough to talk about.

“Talking about sex and sex education is really awkward,” said Hally Rapp, of Los Angeles. “Culturally speaking we’re conditioned not to talk about it.”

But Rapp embraces the open discussion about sex education at The Pleasure Chest, an adult retail store where they often hold workshops.

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